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State Regent Barbara Watrous

State Regent Barbara Watrous

Welcome on behalf of all Rhode Island Daughters of the American Revolution.

Roger Williams founded the first permanent settlement in Rhode Island at Providence in 1636 on land purchased from the Narragansett Indians.  Forced to flee Massachusetts because of persecution, Williams established a policy of religious and political freedom in his new settlement.  Other leaders advocating freedom of worship soon established similar communities on either side of Narragansett Bay.  These communities united and in 1663 King Charles II of England granted them a royal charter, providing for a greater degree of self-government than any other colony in the New World and authorizing the continuation of freedom of religion. (1)

At the beginning of the Revolutionary War, Rhode Islanders were among the first colonists to take action against British rule by attacking British vessels.  On May 4, 1776 Rhode Island was the first colony to renounce allegiance to Great Britain and declare independence.  Although no major battles took place in the state, Rhode Island regiments participated in every major campaign of the war.  Rhode Islanders such as General Nathanael Greene, second-in-command to General George Washington, and Commodore Esek Hopkins, Commander-in-Chief of the Continental Navy, distinguished themselves as military leaders and heroes.  The first Black Regiment to fight for America made a stand against the British in the Battle of Rhode Island. (2)

There is no doubt Rhode Island is rich in history and has been referred to as a state with many museums, i.e. colonial homesteads, Newport Mansions, various grave sites, historical landmarks, and documents.

Rhode Island is nicknamed the “The Ocean State”.  It is true we have some of the most beautiful ocean front on the east coast.

Some things we are known for

Rhode Island Entered the Union on May 29, 1790 as the thirteenth state.
 Official Name:  The State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations (3)
Motto:  Hope

State Symbols
Flower:  Violet (unofficial 1968)

Tree:  Red Maple (official 1964)
Bird:  Rhode Island Red Hen (official 1954)
Shell:   Quahog (official)
Drink:  Eclipse Coffee Syrup

On behalf of the RIDAR Daughters we endourage you to come and visit our fabulous state.
We are working on presenting a future tour of “Little Rhody”. If you are interested in such a tour opportunity please let us know.  We look forward to hearing from you.

(1 & 2)  Commerce RI, Discover Rhode Island History & Famous Rhode Islanders
(3) Rhode Island: Maps, History, Population, Facts, Capitol, Flag, Tree, Geography, Symbols

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